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Contract Bid Abstract

SAP 036-610-010 - CSAH 10 Bridge RehabPCiRoads, LLC 
Item No.ItemUnitsQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price
2021.501MOBILIZATIONLUMP SUM1$50,940.00$50,940.00
2232.501MILL BITUMINOUS SURFACESQ YD174$12.40$2,157.60
2401.513SINGLE SLOPE CONC. BARRIER 36" (TYPE S, MOD.)(3S52)LIN FT239$115.00$27,485.00
2401.541REINFORCEMENT BARSLB840$1.85$1,554.00
2401.541REINFORCEMENT BARS (EPOXY COATED)LB3,360$1.85$6,216.00
2404.618CONCRETE WEARING COURSE (3U17A) 2.0"SQ FT3,228$19.85$64,075.80
2433.506REMOVE BRIDGE RAILLIN FT240$38.25$9,180.00
2433.516ANCH TYPE REINF BARS (TYPE H)EACH356$27.00$9,612.00
2433.516ANCH TYPE REINF BARS (TYPE L)EACH210$29.00$6,090.00
2433.618SCARIFY BRIDGE DECKS F3,360$6.30$21,168.00
2433.618REMOVE AND PATCH SLAB TYPE AS F1,800$25.00$45,000.00
2433.618REMOVE AND PATCH SLAB TYPE BS F200$48.00$9,600.00
2433.618REMOVE AND PATCH SLAB TYPE CS F20$57.00$1,140.00
2563.601TRAFFIC CONTROLLS1$2,400.00$2,400.00
2582.5024" BROKEN LINE PAINTL F20$4.00$80.00
2582.5024" SOLID LINE WHITE-PAINTLIN FT340$4.00$1,360.00
2582.5024" SOLID LINE PAINTL F360$4.00$1,440.00
 Totals for project SAP 036-610-010 $287,995.40
Contract Total:$287,995.40